Travel Pore Vacuum 4pcs Set

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Travel Pore Vacuum 4pcs Set

Transform your skin anytime, anywhere with this convenient battery powered pore vacuum. It features ultra-strong suction to remove dirt and oil from your pores to brighten complexion and prevent future blemishes.

For best results, use immediately after showering or apply a hot towel to help steam and soften pores. Ensure that the nozzle is securely in place. Press the power button and place the tip of the nozzle directly over a blackhead until it is flush with the skin to create a tight seal. Let vacuum suction that spot for NO LONGER THAN 3 SECONDS. Then slide device to next section of skin. Use 1-2x per weeks as needed. Following treatment, wash skin and apply your favorite toner and moisturizer.

  • Features 3 suction modes : Low, Medium & High
  • Includes : 2 oval suction nozzles