Clairol BW2+ Powder Lightener 8oz/ 227g

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Clairol BW2+ Powder Lightener 8oz/ 227g

BW2+ Dedusted, Extra Strength Lightening Powder with malic acid is your secret to quick and easy lightening. Our multi-use lightener can now be used for a range of both on and off-scalp applications including all over head lightening, highlights and balayage. Providing up to 9 levels of lift, BW2+ lifts past the brass for bright, even results. Our non-pigmented powder mixes into a creamy consistency for easy application and provides clear visibility of lift during the lightening process.

[Usage Instructions]

Add 2 scoops of lightener and 3 scoops of Clairol Professional Cream Developer (equivalent to a 1:2 weight ratio) to a non-metallic bowl and mix to a creamy consistency. For on-scalp application, do not use higher than 20 Vol. developer. For maximum lift, use 40 Vol. developer and a 1:1.5 weight ratio. Apply evenly, ensuring hair is fully saturated. While processing, check the hair every 5-10 minutes for desired lightness. Do not use heat and do not process for longer than 50 minutes. Rinse out thoroughly with lukewarm water. Shampoo and condition.