J Lash Pro Kit Scissor & Point Tweezer

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J Lash Pro Kit Scissor & Point Tweezer

  • Easy and Flawless Lash Application.
  • Scissors + Point Tweezers for Easy Application.

Scissors : Straighten your eyebrow hairs by combing upwards allowing over-grown hair to stand out. Keep the scissors horizontal and gently trim the hairs that extends past the brow line. Use the eyebrow scissors to trim the false eyelashes using the top end of scissors for better precision.

Tweezers : Use the precise tip to place strip lashes onto the lash line after applying adhesive. Use the tip to secure lashes. You can use it as a tweezer to pluck eyebrow hairs. Grab on to one hair using the tip of the tweezer, then gently pull. Style and shape your eyebrows.