Sassi Dip and Acrylic Basic Powder Pink

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Sassi Dip and Acrylic Basic Powder Pink

  • Acrylic nail systems utilizing Sassi powders, liquids and gels have delivered natural looking nails with strength, flexibility and beauty.
  • Systems based on our materials are self-leveling, adhere well and resist yellowing.
  • A-grade copolymer designed for general use, easy of application, longer sculpting time and an efficient cure.
  • It requires less buffing of the finished nail.


  1. Prep your nail
  2. Apply a thin coat of dip base
  3. Dip tip of the entire nail into the dish
  4. Brush off excess powder
  5. Apply a second coat of dip base coat
  6. Dip tip of a nail into the dish to achieve desired smile line
  7. Brush off excess powder
  8. Apply dip activator
  9. Smooth and refine the surface with a buffer