Kiss V-Luxe 100% Virgin Remy Hair Eyelashes

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Kiss V-Luxe 100% Virgin Remy Hair Eyelashes

i•ENVY by Kiss was created with the mission to deliver a line of premium quality lashes for professionals and consumers alike. Our product developers have worked hand-in-hand with professional make-up artists and consultants to bring you a new generation of premium lashes. There have been no compromises made in quality, as i-ENVY by Kiss lashes are made from premium Remy human hair and are individually handcrafted. Enjoy the look of bat-worthy eyes. Because with i-ENVY by Kiss lashes, your eyes will have “it”.

  • Blends Perfectly, Undeniably lightweight
  • 98% Of Lash Users Feel the Difference
  • They say V LUXE looks more natural and feels softer than any other false eyelashes


To Apply:

  1. Check fit: Lay eyelash on top of your natural lash; Trim if needed
  2. Apply eyelash adhesive to lash band; wait 30 seconds for adhesive to become slightly tacky.
  3. Apply eyelash along natural lash line. Hold, allowing adhesive to dry completely.

To Care:

  • Handle your lashes with extra care. Never tug on the individual strands. When removing from the tray, start by gently pulling on the two ends of the band until it's detached from the clear tray.
  • When applying lashes or glue, avoid pulling or ripping the lashes off.
  • When cleaning lashes, do not rub the individual strands of hair.
  • Place the newly cleaned eyelashes in V-Luxe eyelash case until you are ready to wear them again. V-Luxe eyelash case helps preserve your reusable lashes in their best condition.