L.A.B.2 Pro I'm Working Kit Brush Kit

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What I Am: A premium high-quality 3 piece Charcoal infused brush set that covers all your makeup application needs.
What I do: I contain all the makeup brush essentials you need in order to complete any and every desired look. Each brush is made to help deliver easy and professional results.

How to Use Me:

1. Powder Brush – provides even and precise distribution of powder foundations, setting powders, bronzers and blush resulting in a flawless finish.

2. Angles Blush Brush – ideal for application of blush, highlighter and contour products that work to accentuate your facial features by hugging all the contours of your face.

3. Foundation Brush – ensures smooth, streak-free coverage with foundation or concealer products.

4. Concealer Brush – provides precise application in the harder-to-reach contours around the face and nose.