Instant Glam Assorted Nail Polish Display Set A

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Instant Glam Assorted Nail Polish Display Set A

The Instant Glam Deeply Dramatic Nail Polish Display Set includes 24 assorted colors. There are enough colors for all occasions and for everyday wear. Wear just one color or mix and match as many colors to create a customized look!

This set includes:

  • 01-Sweet Baby Boy
  • 04-Never failed
  • 06-When in doubt, wear RED!
  • 08-Brighter than bright!
  • 09-Smile! It's Friday!
  • 12-Fall in Love
  • 14-It's Coffee O'Clock
  • 16-Violet, Hey Yeah!
  • 17-Red Velvet
  • 18- Go deeeeeeper.
  • 19-Prettier than Ever!
  • 21-Midnight Red
  • 24-Be uncommon
  • 25-Silvery Silver
  • 26-Shooting Star
  • 29-Jazz Groove
  • 32-Lilac Love
  • 36-Choco Latte
  • 37-Wine Dine
  • 40-Lost in Gravity
  • 42-Fuschia in Style
  • 43-By the Phone
  • 44-Deep Blue Sea
  • 46-Peachy Ending