Laflare FreeGo Magnesium Spot Care Patch

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Laflare FreeGo Magnesuim Spot Care Patch

Immediate Action upon Application: LA FLARE's patch starts working the moment it touches your skin. With rapid response technology, it accelerates the healing process. Perfect for quick and effective treatment, whether you're dealing with dots for spots or cystic acne..

Dermatologist Tested: Experience painless treatment with our flexable microdart technology(Dart length is 0.27mm with an actual penetration length of 0.0724mm). Dermatologist tested and clinically proven, it's suitable for all skin types. Whether you need a solution for pimple patches or microdart treatment, our patch is your go-to choice for effective and comfortable skincare..

Cutting-Edge Megnesium Technology: Embrace advanced microdart innovation with LA FLARE's acne patch. Its tiny, painless Magnesium microdarts target stubborn acne by delivering active ingredients deep into the pimple. These Megneisum darts ionize in the skin, offering effective treatment for various skin types. Perfect for cystic acne, dark spot treatment, and blemish spot treatment..

Dual-Action Hydrocolloid with Mineral Magnesium: Experience the power of dual-action treatment with our patch. Combining hydrocolloid and Microneedle Magnesium, it swiftly addresses spots, making it ideal for cystic acne, dark spot treatment, and blemish spot treatment. Say goodbye to stubborn acne with this powerful solution..