The Creme Shop Creme Coction Ampoule Serum 1oz/ 30ml

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The Creme Shop Creme Coction Ampoule Serum 1oz/ 30ml

Skin Renewal AHA + BHA: Tighten + Hydrate + Tone

Amplify your skin with our Skin Renewal Ampoule Serum. AHA and BHA work together to firm and hydrate skin, even out skin tone, and smooth out texture. AHA aids in promoting the skin's natural shedding process. BHA balances oil production by penetrating clogged pores resulting in smoother and acne free skin.

Spirulina + Hyaluronic Acid: Heal + Cleanse + Moisturize

Amplify your skin with our Quenching Hydration Ampoule Serum. Hyaluronic acid alleviates dry skin, leaving you plump and replenished. Spirulina is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and chlorophyll to naturally cleanse your skin while maintaining moisture.

Mineral Glacial Water: Purify + Protect + Balance

Amplify your skin with our Never Touched Ampoule Serum. Glacial water introduces a higher level of purity to your skin. Allow the serum to effortlessly absorb into your pores, releasing minerals found in volcanic bedrock to reduce acidity and help balance pH levels.

Lemongrass + Vitamin C: Cleanse + hydrate + brighten

Amplify your skin with our Rise & Shine Ampoule Serum. The harmonious blend of lemongrass and rich vitamin C cleanses the skin and intensely hydrates. Combats against conditions like eczema, balances oil production, and minimizes your pores.