KISS Nail Tattoos Pre-cut & Sized 16

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KISS Nail Tattoos Pre-cut & Sized 16

  • Water Decals
  • Pre-cut & Sized for easy application

This kit includes:

  • 16 Nail Tattoos


  1. Apply polish; let dry.
  2. Select nail tattoo; tear from strip.
  3. Peel from clear layer; place tattoo face down onto nail.
  4. Dip Sponge/towel in water.
  5. Dad tattoo with wet sponge/towel; wet tattoo with water thoroughly.
  6. Hold sponge in place for 20-30 seconds; gently remove paper backing.
  7. Seal with top coat.

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid direct sunlight and keep in cool dry place.