Cala Pumice Sponges 2pcs

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Cala Pumice Sponges 2pcs

CALA Pumice Sponges is an eco-friendly option to rub away dry skin, cracked heels, and callused skin on feet, hands, or body. It helps to restore the skin's natural softness quickly and safely.

Package Quantity: 2

Skin Type: Perfect for all skin types!

Care & Cleaning: Rinse Clean, and air dry

To use, soak the pumice sponge in water. Use while in the shower or bath or on clean, damp skin. Rub in a circular motion while applying light pressure. Follow up with a soothing moisture.

For Best Results: Briefly soak the skin in warm, sudsy water to soften.

Replace: We suggest replacing your pumice every 6 months to ensure your skin gets the best treatment it deserves!