Manna Kadar Beauty Nail Care Kit 3pcs

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Manna Kadar Beauty Nail Care Kit 3pcs

Cuticle Oil

Like your best friend, this perfect partner is always looking out for you. Apply daily and rub around your cuticle to help soften dry skin around the nail.

Cuticle Exfoliator

Prep work is the key to a successful manicure. Use the cuticle scrub to remove dry skin from around the nails to ensure a better manicure result. Apply a small amount of scrub around each nail, then rub into the cuticle to gently remove dry dead skin. Rinse each nail bed after application, and dry before applying polish.

Nail Strengthen

This is no ordinary Nail Strengthen. This overachiever acts as base coat, nail strengthener, hardener and nail hydrator. Apply to nails as needed to nails alone, or before your nail polish application.