Trim Neat Feet Pedicure Kit

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Trim Neat Feet Pedicure Kit

All the necessary tools for a salon-quality pedicure in one simple perfect pedicure kit.

·         Toe Separators: Slip foam wedges between toes to separate. Apply polish and allow to dry before removing.

·         Pumice Stone: Briefly soak skin in warm, sudsy water. Wet stone and rub rough areas in a circular motion, applying light pressure. Rinse stone after use to remove residue. White powdery substances may appear on the stone due to water conditions in your area. This will not affect the stone and may be removed by rinsing in warm water.

·         Toenail Clipper: Ideally, toenails should be cut when wet to prevent cracking and breaking. Place clipper along toenail edge, being careful not to cut nail shorter than tip of toe for maximum safety and comfort. Nails should always be cut straight across to help prevent painful ingrown toenails. Smooth away any rough edges and finish nail.