Nailene Artist Expressions Nail Polish Kit

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Nailene Artist Expressions Nail Polish Kit

  • Your nail is the canvas and these are your tools to create your own individual work of art
  • Use one, two or all three together and create a unique masterpiece
  • Add layers for additional looks
  • It's easy as 1, 2, 3
  • Contains: 1 sparkle coat, 1 glitter, 1 striper

Start with a polished or natural nail. (optional) Follow below steps or just mixed match to create endless designs.

STEP1 : Apply Artist Fx Sparkle Coat to to full nail. Let dry.
STEP2 : Lightly apply a small amount of Nailene’s Artist Fx or Stripe Fx in the design you want, then lightly puff glitter over the design. Let dry shake off any loose glitter.
STEP3 : Create stripes and designs by applying Stripe Fx.  (optional) Go to for more tips and designs.