Studex Personal Ear Piercing Kit

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Studex Personal Ear Piercing Kit

That's all it takes to pierce our ears with the Studex Piercer. And since two piercers are included, both ears can be pierced simultaneously. The unique spring-action design makes piercing as easy as 1. Clean - 2. Mark - 3. Pierce

This Studex Piercing Kit includes two sterile disposable self-piercers pre-loaded with special starter studs. The studs are made of gold plated over medical grade stainless steel and are specially designed for sensitive ears. The piercers automatically attaches the clasps and adjusts them to the proper position.

Contains : Two piercers

Before Piercing

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and cleanse the front and back of your earlobes with the enclosed Studex Alcohol Prep Pad.
  2. For professional-looking results, mark your earlobes with the special Studex Non-Toxic Marking Pen included with this kit. Make sure the dots are positioned at your desired piercing location

Piercing Instruction

  1. Peel off the paper backing of one sterilized plastic blister and remove the Personal Piercer. Grasp the piercer, placing your thumb in the marked area behind the clasp. Do not press the piercer until your are ready to pierce your ear.
  2. Slip the clasp up behind the ear and position the stud at the intended spot. Press gently until you feel the stud touching your ear.
  3. Firmly press the piercer together. In less than 1/10 of a second, the stud is inserted and the clasp is automatically attached. Release the pressure and slide the instrument downward and away from the earlobe. Once you have pierced the ear, dispose of the used instrument. Repeat the process for the other piercing, using the second piercer.