Conair Double French Twist Modern Up-Do 5ct

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Conair Double French Twist Modern Up - Do

About the product

  • A Twist on a Classic
  • Quick & Easy To Use!
  • Great For Thick Hair?
  • Multiple Styling Options

Product description

  • The Conair French Twist Modern Up-do puts a twist on a classic french twist, and isquick and easy to use. A modern updo that is great for thick hair.

How to use

  1. Brush or comb hair toward the back of your head as you would to make a traditional French twist. Apply hairspray or other styling product to eliminate wispy stray hairs and make sure the ends are smooth.
  2. Open the Double French Twist in a horizontal position. Separate hair into two sections and place the hair through the two flexible openings.
  3. Slide the double French twist down to approximately 2" to the ends.
  4. Start rolling up the Double French Twist keeping the hair securely in place. Continue rolling until you reach the desired base of your twist. Fold the ends together in a upsweep.
  5. Lock the tool's sides together at the top of the Double French Twist. Pin the up-do in place the Conair bobby pins or hair pins. Smooth the sides with a tail comb. Use the tail comb to create volume on top or where needed.