Kiss Salon Acrylic Revolutionary French 28 Nails

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Kiss Salon Acrylic Revolutionary Ultra Flexible French 28 Nails

  • Glue-On 7 Day Wear
  • Durable Strength & Comfortable Wear
  • At Cuticle: Snug fit, 25% thinner than other brands
  • Nail bed: Flexible fit delivers lasting comfort
  • Flawless Fit
  • No Bubbles
  • Never Chips
  • 10X Stronger

This kit includes:

  • 28 French Nails in 14 Sizes
  • Pink Gel Glue 2g (o.o7oz)
  • Mini File
  • Manicure Stick

Clean nails with acetone polish remover; select correct size nail for each finger and set aside in order. Nails are sized by number, noted underneath nail.

  1. Apply glue to back of artificial nail.
  2. Apply glue to natural nail.
  3. Align with cuticle, press on & hold for 5 seconds.
  • EXPERT TIP: Apply enough glue to avoid air pockets, secure adhesion, and extend wear.

To Remove

  1. Do not force or Pull nails off.
  2. Trim & File surface to disrupt protective top coat.
  3. Soak nails in Kiss All or One Artificial Nail Remover or acetone polish remover until soft.
  4. Wipe off softened nails & glue.

Irritant. Contains Cyanoacrylate. BONDS SKIN INSTANTLY. AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES< MOUTH AND SKIN. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. Eyelid bonding: rinse with soapy water and consult a physician. Skin bonding: soak and ease apart gently. Not for use in the area of the eye. Discard any unused glue after use. Glue container is not child-proof once open. Wear beyond 7 days is not recommended.

*NOTICE: The nail adhesive that comes included in the KISS Nails Set may be dried out. If this is the case, please use the additional nail glue provided!