LA Girl Volumatic Mascara


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LA Girl Volumatic Mascara

Take your lashes up a notch with the water-resistant Volumatic Full-On Mascara.

The “tubular” formula coats your lashes from root to tip and binds to your lashes, wrapping each lash in its own tube.

Removal is easy, use warm water on a cotton pad, hold over eye and tubes will gently slide off, or your daily cleanser will work just as well.

Intertwined petal-shaped bristles capture each lash to build and separate without clumping.

- Unique tubing mascara

- Lengthen, lift, and volumize lashes

- Repels oil, sweat, & tears

- Smudge-proof & water-resistant

- Intertwined, petal-shaped bristles

- Cruelty-free & paraben-free