Sassi 100 Tips Crystal Salon Nail


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Sassi 100 Tips Crystal Salon Nail

  • Excellent flexibility.
  • Maximum adhesion and durability with exceptional resistance to yellowing.
  • A great base for nail art.
  • Daily wear offers ultra thin & comfortable.

How to Use:

  1. Clean your nails thoroughly and buff lightly. Nails must be clean & dry.
  2. Select the nail that most closely matches your natural nail size. 
    Please a drop of glue onto the nail tip and spread to cover entire nail tip.
  3. Please the nail tip onto your own nail and wait for a few seconds. 
    ?Be sure not to cover entire nail: Leave space between your cuticle and the nail tip.
  4. Trim nail to desired length and file smooth.
  5. Apply polish if desired.