Beauty Creations The Royalty Collection Makeup Brush

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Beauty Creations The Royalty Collection Makeup Brush

Large Face Definer - A large dome powder brush that distributes powder for a flawless and airbrushed finish.

Large Powder - A round large fluffy brush that gently glides on powder for a flawless finish.

Contour Artist - A soft dense angled brush that fit's effortlessly into the hollows of the cheeks and curves of the face for a flawless contour.

Defined Buffer - A flat topped angled brush works products into the skin for and effortless blend as you buff into the skin.

Buffer & Flat Kabuki - Buffer/Flat Top Kabuki brush can be used to buff in foundation and contour.

Powder Buffer & Angled Kabuki - A dense angled Kabuki/ Powder Buffer that works your foundation into the skin for an effortlessly flawless look.

Blush - A rounded blush brush, applies color to the apples of the cheek and high point of the cheek for a flushed and diffused look.

Angled Blush - The perfect angled blush brush to fit the hallows and high points of the face for flawless flushed blush application.

Tapered Powder - This soft and tapered brush is perfect for powder products. Use it for highlighting underneath the eyes, contouring the perimeter of the face or apples of the cheek.

Tapered Face - A larger tapered powder brush to define powder exactly where you want it. Perfect for a soft diffused finished.

Tapered Highlighter - Perfect for a precise highlight application.

Fan - A lightweight full fan brush applies highlight perfectly anywhere it's applied.

Fluffy Blender - Fluffy domed crease brush sits perfectly into the crease of your eye and blends shadow like a dream.

Soft Definer - This short domed tapered brush is soft and perfect for shading.

Crease & Tapered Blending - Tapered crease blending brush is perfect for blending out harsh lines and focuses color in the crease and helps create depth.

Smudge Eyeshadow - This short bristle flat brush has a rounded tip for smudging and buffing out the lower lash line effortlessly.

Angled - Angled liner brush with a firm flat edge helps create a effortless winged liner.

Brow & Lash - Your lash and brow bestie, this spoolie can help feather out your brows and help define or separate lashes.

Silicone - Silicone brush perfect to apply loose and press glitter.