Gigi Large Applicators 100pk

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Gigi Large Applicators 100pk

High-Quality Large Wood Waxing Applicators: GiGi large wood applicator is designed for fast and efficient hair waxing on large areas of the body. It removes hairs on arms, armpits, legs, chest, back. Perfect for applying with all waxes, even at home.

Hygienic Hair Removal Applicator Spatulas: This depilatory stick is safe and easy to use. Hygienically packed and sealed in plastic, single-use that helps ensure client’s safety.

Lightweight, Convenient Wooden Waxing Stick: Clean+Easy large stick applicators are lightweight and convenient to use.

Great value for money: It comes with 100 pieces of premium-grade large wooden wax applicator sticks, so you’ll never run out of stock. A must-have hair waxing tool for salon use, regular users, and beginners who like to do waxing at the comfort of their homes.