EZ Well KF94 Dust Protective Mask

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EZ Well KF94 Dust Protective Mask

What is KF94? 'KF' in KF94 stands for 'Korean Filter’, and the '94' indicates a 94 percent filtration efficiency. According to the South Korean government's standards, these KF94 masks filter 94% of particles down to 0.1um (0.1 microns) in size. The KF94 face mask is better for the more customizable 5D fitting to face from nose to mouth and chin.

Enhanced Comfort: This certified face mask is made of a very soft non-woven fabric that takes good care of your skin. The soft lining is very thing and allows you to breathe with ease while also avoiding irritation and rashes.

Optimal Solution: Keeping yourself and your loved ones protected and safe is easier with the EZWell face mask from Korea! Lightweight and easy to put on, this black dust mask is a great solution for making sure everyone around you is safe and secure.

Extra Protection: Our dust mask features a 4-layer protective filter that keeps all harmful elements such as dust, smoke, smog, or allergens away. These face masks individually packaged.

Breathable Fabric: Because they are made of a soft non-woven material, our dust safety mask makes it easy to breathe even after longer wear. The ear loops ensure a great fit that suits women and men alike.