Cala Pumice Sponge & Dual Nail Brush

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Cala Pumice Sponge & Dual Nail Brush

Pumice Sponge: An eco-friendly option to rub away dry skin, cracked heels, and callused skin on feet, hands, or body. It helps to restore the skin's natural softness quickly and safely.

Dual Nail Brush: Effortlessly removes dirt and debris from hands and under nails with this comfortable, easy-to-hold brush. Features two different bristle textures for cleaning and scrubbing hands, feet, and underneath nails.

Package Quantity: 2

Skin Type: Perfect for all skin types!

Care & Cleaning: Rinse Clean, and air dry

[How to Use]

1. Pumice Sponge: Wet sponge and rub rough areas in a circular motion, applying light pressure. (Rinse the sponge after use to remove residue).

2. Dual Nail Brush: Use warm water with soap to clean outer nail surfaces and difficult under-nail areas. (Clean brush with warm water and air dry after use)

Replace: We suggest replacing your pumice sponge & dual action brush every 6 months to ensure your skin gets the best treatment it deserves!