Gigi Strip Free Microwave Wax 8oz/ 226g

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Gigi Strip Free Microwave Wax 8oz/ 226g

·         MICROWAVEABLE WAX FORMULA, READY TO USE IN MINUTES: Cut your waxing time down by using the GiGi Strip Free Microwave Formula Hair Removal Wax. It melts at a lower temperature, reducing the risk of burns and pain in the treated area. This depilatory wax greatly reduces the amount of pain you feel. With its soft wax formula, the epilating strip free wax makes it easy to remove unwanted hair without ripping off the skin and does not leave a residue as it sticks to only hair and on not skin!

·         NO MORE CUTS OR RAZOR BURNS: It’s time to put down those razors, say goodbye to bumps and cuts to wave hello to a chicer, sleeker you! With waxing, you aren’t at risk of any cuts or nicks that leave you with scars. Perfect especially for those who have skin that is susceptible to discoloration due to even the slightest cut. This depilatory wax from GiGi removes unwanted hair completely, from its roots, unlike shaving which often results in stubbles, leaving your skin feeling rough and abrasive.

·         NO STRIP DISPOSABLE HARD WAX: From GiGi, comes the Strip Free Microwave Formula Hair Removal Wax, that hardens and does not require a cloth or Pellon strip to be removed. Becomes hard by itself, you can simply pull it off smoothly, without applying strips on top. Its texture gives great flexibility and plasticity which enables you to make thin layers. This depilatory hard wax leaves no sticky residue and is much easier to clean up!

·         SOOTHES AND MOISTURIZES SKIN: Recommended by estheticians and hair waxing pros worldwide, this is perfect among people who want to be hair and stubble free for longer by removing hair from the root giving you weeks of smoother, silkier and hair-free bare skin! Make your skin glow with radiance while leaving your skin touchably soft with the GiGi Strip Free Microwave Formula Hair Removal Wax!

·         100% CRUELTY-FREE AND MADE IN USA: GiGi Strip Free Microwave Formula Hair Removal Wax has not been tested on animals, does not contain animal-derived ingredients and all of the products are manufactured in the USA. This hair removal wax is free from harmful ingredients so you can use them without having to worry about animals being harmed for your waxing experience!