L.A.B.2 Pro I'm Turning Glow Brush Kit

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L.A.B.2 Pro I'm Turning Glow Brush Kit

What I Am: A premium high-quality 3 piece Charcoal infused brush set that is designed for versatility specially for Contouring & Highlighting as well as providing complete coverage. What I Do: My unique brushes are made to provide complete coverage, a deep contour or to subtly enhance your facial features. Basically, a little bit of everything! Crescent Brush - Curves along with jawline and cheekbones to accentuate all the right curvatures and contours of your face. Flat Contour Brush - Achieves flawless coverage providing dimension along the cheekbones, forehead and jawline for targeted contouring. Angled Kabuki Brush - Delivers maximum application of products distributed across the entire face.

What Makes Me the Best:

 1. permanently infused with charcoal powder

2. Paraben and sulfate free

3. Brushes stay fresher longer

4. Anti-microbial.

How to Use Me:

1. Crescent Brush - Apply product onto surface area or use the entire top surface area of the brush. Starting from the center of the face, sweep brush upwards along the cheekbones, jawlines and temples. Blend well using back and forth motions until desired look is achieved.

2. Flat Contour Brush - Dip brush in product and tap off access. Gently dust product on areas you want to highlight including cheeks, forehead, nose and chins area until desired effect has been created.

3. Angled Kabuki Brush - Apply product and tap off access. Starting from the center of the face, blend outwards and upwards. Use the angular shape of the bristles to blend and buff for a flawless finish.