Manna Kadar Beauty Lash & Brow Tool Set

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Manna Kadar Beauty Lash & Brow Tool Set

Manna Kadar’s Lash & Brow Tool Set contains a slanted tweezer for precise plucking, a lash curler to prep lashes by adding curl to straight lashes, and a dual ended spoolie to define and separate brows.

Directions Tweezer

To prepare hair for removal, apply a warm washcloth to open pores making hair easier to remove. Holding the middle of the tweezers will provide the best control. Grab the unwanted hair and pull gently in the direction of the hair growth while squeezing the tweezers together. Continue to remove hair as needed. 

Directions Lash Curler

Place open curler at lashes. Squeeze handle of curler and hold down for 2-3 seconds. Repeat curling at the middle and end of lashes. Finish with 1-2 coats of mascara.

Directions Spoolie 

Run spoolie through brows to flatten any unruly hairs. Dip the angled brush in into your favorite brow product in sweeping motion to create brow structure.